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Our Mission

Calluna Counseling and Psychological Services is a psychotherapy practice that focuses on

providing quality mental health care to emerging and seasoned adults, college and graduate

students, and early career professionals. We believe that by embracing courage and fostering

meaningful relationships we help others identify and live their authentic self. 

We are in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO and 

Northwestern University Student Health Insurance Plan (NUSHIP)

If you have other insurances, we are happy to assist you in submitting

claims to your insurance company using out of network benefits. 

We provide a free 15-20 minute initial phone consultation


The initial sessions are $225 and subsequent sessions are $175 

Please verify coverage with your insurance that we are in network and to understand

what your expected costs will be prior to your first appointment. 

Insurance and Fees

Heather Stephenson psychologist

Heather Stevenson psychologist

Orland Park therapist

Orland park psychologist

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